2018, Academy Artemis

Ixperience is an interactive experience, where the targetgroup is the youth of Generation Z. They don’t know a life without technology, because they were born in a life when technology was already grounded in our daily life.

The distance between humans and nature is getting bigger and bigger. What if this is the future? That the only way to see, feel and experience nature, is digitally? To make the youth of this generation aware about this fact, ‘ixperience’ has been created. 

For this fictitious project there will be large, white objects placed in the city of Amsterdam. The objects can become alive when you stand in front of it, and when you activate the app on your mobile phone. The animals start to live and can now be seen digitally. 

With this app, the youth is given a responsibility: they have to feed of the animals. If they don’t visit the objects and don’t take care of the animals, those creatures will not survive. They will die. 

For now, nature can still be found around us in our daily lifes. Cherish this, before it may be too late.

concept / photography / digital visualistation