Joske is a Visual Storyteller & Researcher, based in Amsterdam.

With her curiosity about the world and its many cultures and hidden stories, she wants to keep discovering it and passing it on with storytelling in her own way.

With her work, she explores unseen but valuable details in everyday life and then brings them to life. By adopting an investigative approach, she keeps on asking herself questions. An answer is not always the goal, leaving room for individual interpretation and emotion. 

The research is always expressed in images as well as video, in which she also searches for other ways to use the photographic medium. In doing so, she creates her own world that feels a little surrealistic and absurd.

︎ contact

+31 (6)23811430

︎ exhibitions

Rotterdam Photo 2023
Project ‘Making Memories Out Of Memories’ will be exhibited during this year’s Rotterdam Photo, part of Rotterdam Art Week in February

Dutch Design Week 2022
Project ‘Making Memories Out Of Memories’ has been exhibited during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

GLUE Amsterdam, 2021
Project ‘Making Memories Out Of Memories’ has been exhibited during the exhibition of GLUE festival Amsterdam

Article ‘Internship in Tokio: Loneliness in dream city Tokyo, Daily Nonsense, 2020
For an online blog I wrote an article about my time as an intern living in Tokyo

︎ education

education//     Bachelor Of Arts, Academy Artemis, Amsterdam
casestudy//     Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden
internship//    Osamu Yokonami Photography, Tokyo, Japan
internship//    Imke Panhuijzen Photography, Amsterdam
education//     Leather Crafts, Shoemaking, Sint Lucas, Boxtel

education//     Leather Crafts, Bagmaking, Sint Lucas, Boxtel